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CNC 5 Axis Stone Cutting Machine
CNC 5 Axis Stone Cutting Machine
Product Description:

CNC 5 Axis Stone Cutting Machine 5 Arix Bridge Saw CNC Marble Cutting Machine


5 Axis Bridge Cutting Machine Stone CNC Machining Center can cut quartz, marble, granite, and rock slabs with a powerful saw blade. It combines a saw blade and CNC router tools to achieve multiple advanced functions. For example, cutting and milling straight and inclined edges, chamfering, cutting arc edges, polygon, edge milling, edge tracking, and other powerful functions. The 5 axis bridge saw is widely used in the stone processing plants, kitchen countertop processing, background wall profiling, and other fields.


1. It adopts 5 axis bridge cutting head, which is independently researched and developed and adopts the cast rotating bracket. This ensures good stability and flexibility during operation.
2. Bridge saw uses a high-precision RV reducer, ensuring better rotating precision of the cutting head.
3. It has CUTCAM software in the control system for the convenient of drawing designs and programmi-ng. Besides, it’s easy to learn the software to make designs.
4. The worktable can flip automatically up to 80 degrees, reducing human labor and facilitating the unlo-ading process.
5. This bridge saw is ideal for cutting slabs of quartz, marble, granite and stone.




Suitable for drilling, sanding, edging, and carving on artificial stone, quartz stone, marble, granite, ceramics, glass, ceramic stones, and other anomalous stones.

In addition, it is suitable for making cabinets, countertops, sinks, European-style edging, splashbacks, and so on.

Bridge Saw Machine is used for granite, marble, jade, sapphire, artificial stone, tombstones,milestones, and other types of stone processing, the stone cutting machine can achieve various processing function-s, 3D relief, and line carving, bevel cutting, drilling 2D processing. Such as lettering (pattern), relief, ima-ge carving, cutting, etc. Simple operation, low energy consumption, low noise, high efficiency, and high precision. Widely used in inscriptions, stone carving, construction, decoration, kitchen and bathroom, furniture, signs, handicrafts, and other industries.